Price calculator

When deciding on what service to use, a big deciding factor is the price. The price of a shipment is determined by the weight of the shipment, the chosen service and the selected service options.

We’ve created the PriceCalculator class to calculate the price of the shipment based on these parameters. By passing in a valid shipment to the calculate() method, the price calculator will return the price of the shipment.

use MyParcelCom\ApiSdk\Shipments\PriceCalculator;

$calculator = new PriceCalculator();

// Calculate the price for your shipment.
// This requires the shipment to have a valid weight set.
$price = $calculator->calculate($shipment);

Alternatively, it is also possible to calculate the price of a shipment with a specific service rate by passing in the service rate as second parameter in the calculate() method.

$price = $calculator->calculate($shipment, $serviceRate);


If the shipment contains service options that are not available in the specified service rate, the price calculator will throw a MyParcelCom\ApiSdk\Exceptions\CalculationException.


If the service rate of the shipment itself or the service rate in the second parameter has a price amount of null the price calculator will also return null.


If one of the options of the shipment has a price amount of null the price calculator will also return null, because in that case it cannot calculate the correct total price.