e-Commerce Integration Programme

Welcome to the documentation of the e-Commerce Integration Programme.


E-commerce platforms make it easy for webshops to manage incoming orders. By integrating e-commerce platforms with shipping software, webshops can also easily print labels and keep track of these orders. The MyParcel.com ecosystem already supports a variety of e-commerce platforms, but we are always looking to add more. We have started the e-Commerce Integration Programme as an initiative to make it easy for third party developers to create an integration between e-commerce platforms and MyParcel.com.

Theory of operation

The diagram below shows how MyParcel.com would get shipments from a remote API (in this example the trading API of eBay):

e-Commerce Integration Flow

e-Commerce Integration flow example for getting shipments from eBay Trading API

The following steps are executed:

  1. MyParcel.com platform asks the integration for shipments (GET /shipments)

  2. Integration asks remote API for orders (SOAP call GetOrders)

  3. Remote API responds with list of orders (xml response)

  4. Integration transforms orders into MyParcel.com compatible shipments and responds with them (json-api formatted response)

PHP Skeleton based on Laravel

We have created a Laravel-based skeleton application for PHP developers. This skeleton contains boilerplate for some functionality such as OAuth 2.0 authorization with Authorization Code flow and transforming shipment data to the requested format. More information about this skeleton can be found in the readme on the Github page.

To start working on the application using the skeleton, it is advised that you fork the repository.

Authentication / authorization with remote APIs

The integration-skeleton ships with a OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code Grant Type basics for authenticating with APIs that provide OAuth 2.0. You can choose to build on top of the provided authentication code or build your own. Most cases with OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code flow you will need minimal involvement of MyParcel.com support, while other types of authentication/authorization would require assistance before approval.


For any questions regarding development of new integrations please refer to our GitHub Discussions page. We motivate you to start new discussions in case you require help.