Update shipment status

API specification

The update-shipment-status endpoint allows you to trigger an update of a shipment’s status. The shipment will be synchronized with the carrier.

Sandbox environment

Since our sandbox environment does not provide real shipments, they will never receive a status update from the carrier. To simulate a status update, you can provide a status_id in sandbox requests. This way you can simulate realistic shipment behavior and trigger webhooks to test your implementation.

The MyParcel.com API contains several status resources that are not related to shipments. When calling the /update-shipment-status endpoint, please make sure the posted status is a shipment related status (indicated by the resource_type attribute).


Required Scope: shipments.manage

Attribute Type Required
shipment_id uuid formatted string
status_id uuid formatted string (only available on the sandbox environment)

Using this endpoint will result in a new shipment-status added to the posted shipment, if the new status is different from the current status.

POST /update-shipment-status HTTP/1.1
Example: https://sandbox-api.myparcel.com/update-shipment-status
  "data": {
    "shipment_id": "3bba2b2e-453f-4e89-bff9-018e06efa5a6",
    "status_id": "8b384f97-5161-47fb-91c9-4731e4d10ab1"


The API will respond with status 204 No Content, indicating that no content is returned, but the update has taken place.