Shipments are at the core of our API. They contain files such as labels and are used to track the status of the physical shipment being delivered by the carrier.


API specification

Attribute Type Description Required
recipient_address address The address of the recipient of the shipment.
return_address address The address the shipment can be returned to when shipment fails.
sender_address address The address of the sender of the shipment.
physical_properties physical-properties Weight and dimensions of the shipment.
pickup_location pickup-dropoff-locations The place where the recipient can pick up their shipment. Required when chosen service has delivery-method pick-up
description string Short description of the shipment that will be printed on the label when possible. Required for international shipments
items array of items The contents of the shipment. Required for international shipments
customs customs Information required for the shipment to pass customs. Required for international shipments
sender_tax_number string Tax number of sender e.g. EORI or VOEC number. Taken from organization if not specified. Deprecated. Use sender_tax_identification_numbers instead.
recipient_tax_number string Tax number of recipient. Deprecated. Use recipient_tax_identification_numbers instead.
sender_tax_identification_numbers array of tax-identification-numbers Tax ID numbers of the sender. Any numbers passed on the shipment will overwrite numbers of the same type and country_code defined on the organization of this shipment’s shop during registration.
recipient_tax_identification_numbers array of tax-identification-numbers Tax ID numbers of the recipient.
customer_reference string Internal customer reference that can be used to identify shipments. This field is not communicated to the carrier.
channel string Name of the application or integration (and potentially version number) used to create the shipment.
price price The price of the shipment.
total_value price The total value of the shipment.
barcode string Textual representation of the barcode present on the label.
tracking_code string Used to request tracking status from the carrier.
tracking_url string Points to the tracking software of the carrier.
register_at integer Unix timestamp for when the shipment will be registered with the carrier. After registration, labels will be made available.
created_at integer Unix timestamp for when the shipment was created.
updated_at integer Unix timestamp for when the shipment resource was last updated.
synced_at integer Unix timestamp for when the shipment status was last checked with the carrier.
tags array of strings or numbers User defined tags for the shipment.
Relationship Type Description Required
shop shops The shop the shipment belongs to.
service services The service used to send the shipment. Required for registration with the carrier
contract contracts The contract to use for the chosen service. Required for registration with the carrier
service_options array of service-options The service options chosen for the shipment.
shipment_status shipment-statuses The current shipment status for the shipment.
files array of files The files available for the shipment. Such as the label and possible customs documents.
hook_logs array of hook-logs The logs of the hooks that were applied to this this shipment. Such as updating the service or the contract.


GET /shipments
GET /shipments/{shipment_id}
POST /shipments
PATCH /shipments/{shipment_id}
DELETE /shipments/{shipment_id}