Shipment Statuses

A shipment status is basically a wrapper to combine and structure information from different sources, without losing valuable information. It consists of one of our generic statuses in most cases combined with one or more of the many carrier specific statuses.

Please read the page on retrieving shipment statuses for a detailed explanation and example of this resource.

Shipment Status

API specification

Attribute Description
carrier_statuses an array of carrier-statuses (empty when the shipment is not yet registered)
errors an array of error objects when the carrier returned errors during shipment registration
Relationship Type Description
shipment shipments The shipment having this status.
status statuses Our generic status belonging to this carrier specific status.

Carrier Status

Attribute Description
code Status code we received from the carrier.
description Description of the status code we received from the carrier.
assigned_at Unix timestamp of the status update according to the carrier.