Address rules

Address rules are objects that contain a list of requirements for matching an address in order to be able to use this service. The address rules are used for the regions_from and regions_to attributes on the service resource. They determine where a service can ship to and from, so if a service for instance can ship to the United Kingdom the value of the country_code will be GB.


Attribute Type Description Required
country_code string The country code to match in order to be accepted
state_code string The state code to match in order to be accepted
postal_code string The postal codes to match in order to be accepted, presented as a regular expression


   "country_code": "GB",
   "postal_code": "^((GY|JE).*|TR2[1-5]) ?[0-9]{1}[A-Z]{2}$"

The regular expression in the example will match all postal codes for the Channel Islands region, by matching UK postal codes starting with GY or JE or TR21 until TR25.

Instead of fetching all services and using local functions to filter on the postal_code regex, you should use the address filters when calling the GET /services endpoint.