Services are provided by carriers and can be used to send shipments. Services are offered from a specific region to a specific region.


API specification

Attribute Type Description Required
name string Service name (eg. Next day), useful for displaying to users.
code string Service code (eg. carrier-parcel-next-day), often composed of the carrier name and the service name, lower cased.
package_type string enum: parcel
Type of package (eg. letter).
handover_method string enum: collection
Available methods to hand the shipment to the carrier. Value collection means the carrier will pick up the shipment at the shipment’s sender address while drop-off means the sender has to drop the shipment at a pickup-dropoff-location.
delivery_method string enum: pick-up
Delivery method for the carrier. Services with value pick-up means the carrier delivers the shipment at a pickup-dropoff-location while delivery means they deliver at the shipment’s recipient address).
uses_volumetric_weight boolean Whether the carrier also takes the shipment’s volumetric weight into account when determining the price of a shipment with the chosen service.
delivery_days array of string enum: Monday
Textual representation of days of the week this service delivers shipments.
transit_time transit time The minimum and maximum time it takes to deliver the shipment.
regions_from array of address rules Address rules for where this service can ship from.
regions_to array of address rules Address rules for where this service can ship to.
Relationship Type Description Required
carrier carriers Carrier offering the service.
⚠ region_from regions Region in which this service is available.
⚠ region_to regions Region where shipments can be delivered.

⚠ The region_from and region_to relationships are deprecated and will be removed from the API response soon.
If you are using these relationships, make sure that you switch to using the attributes regions_from and regions_to instead.


GET /services
GET /services/{service_id}