Service Options

Service options can be added to a shipment to add extra’s to the chosen service (if available). Options are a generic resource since many carriers offer the same options, like delivery in the weekend. The added price of the service option depends on the used contract and service and is described in the service rate that links the shipment’s service and contract together.

Service Option

API specification

Attribute Type Description Required
name string Option name, useful for displaying to users.
code string Option code, which will be used in the request to the carrier.
category string enum: delivery-window
The category in which a service option belongs. Note that only one service option per category can be set on a shipment.
values_format object The format of additional values required for this service option using JSON Schema. e.g. price input for Cash on Delivery options.


GET /service-options
GET /service-options/{service_option_id}