Regions are geographical areas arranged in a tree-like structure with “Earth” being the root region. Countries are regions with a non-empty country_code. Carriers can offer their services in any region. Shipment addresses should always contain a country_code from a region defined as a country.


API specification

Attribute Description
country_code A two letter country code, if the region is a country.
region_code A tree letter region code, if the region is within a country.
currency The default currency used in this region.
name Region name, useful for displaying to users.
category Present if the region is part of a common geographical group.
Relationship Description
parent The parent region in the region tree.

Retrieve regions

For an example request and response, check our API specification:
GET /regions


You can filter the regions on a parent, country_code, region_code, name and postal_code. If you add these filters the request would look something like this:

GET /regions?filter[country_code]=GB&filter[region_code]=SCT HTTP/1.1
Parameter Type Value Description
parent query string The id of the parent region.
country_code query string A two letter country code.
region_code query string A tree letter region code.
name query string A region name.
postal_code query string A postal code.

If a postal code exists in more than one country, multiple regions are returned. The postal_code filter can be used in combination with the country_code filter to get more specific results.