A user can have one or more organizations and be able to read or manage attached resources like shops and contracts.


API specification

Attribute Type Description Required
name string Name of the organization.
company_registration_number string Chamber of Commerce number of the organization.
vat_number string VAT identification number of the organization. Deprecated. Use tax_identification_numbers instead.
eori_number string EORI number used as sender_tax_number when creating shipments to the EU. Deprecated. Use tax_identification_numbers instead.
voec_number string VOEC number used as sender_tax_number when creating shipments to Norway. Deprecated. Use tax_identification_numbers instead.
tax_identification_numbers array of tax-identification-numbers Default sender tax ID numbers to use when sending an international shipment. Any numbers passed on the shipment will overwrite numbers of the same type and country_code.
currency string Currency for invoicing purposes.
billing_address address The address used for invoicing purposes.
created_at integer Unix timestamp when the organization was created.
Relationship Type Description Required
broker brokers The broker this organization belongs to