Carrier PUDO locations

Carrier PUDO locations are locations where:

  • your shipments can be picked up once delivered (Pick Up)
  • you can drop the shipments you want to send (Drop Off)

Pickup Dropoff Location

API specification

Attribute Description
code Unique identifier used by the carrier.
address Address object.
opening_hours List of objects containing the days and hours on which the location is accessible.
position Object holding the latitude, longitude and distance from the given geographical location.
categories The location can function as a pick-up or drop-off location, or both.
Relationship Description
carrier Carrier offering the location.


With the required path parameters you can specify the geographical position to start searching for locations. You can specify a more accurate position using optional query parameters.

Parameter Type Value Description Required
carrier_id path string To retrieve one specific carrier.
country_code path string The country code.
postal_code path string The postal code.
street query string The street name.
street_number query string The street number.